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These social lemurs are all about girl power! In ring-tailed lemur society, females are in charge, and they run the show. They even have a matriarchal social structure, with the dominant female calling the shots for the whole group. Go, girl power!

World Animals Amigurumi Patterns

When starting a new crochet project, you want to be sure that the end result is just as special as the experience of making it. That’s why I design my crochet patterns for animals from all around the world with love and attention to detail. From the savannas of Africa to the rainforests of South America, each pattern is created to capture the unique character of the animal as best as possible.

Furthermore, my patterns are not only fun and challenging to make, but also educational. With each pattern, you’ll find interesting facts about the animal and its habitat. So not only will you learn how to make a cute amigurumi, but also more about the animal and its environment.

With my crochet patterns of animals from all around the world, you can immerse yourself in a world of creativity, knowledge, and fun.