Amigurumi Pattern Japanese Macaque Levi


Levi the Japanese Macaque or Snow Monkey is a favorite pattern for crocheters who love Furry projects. The Japanese Macaque is known for hanging out in hot springs in the mountains of Japan, preferably all together! You can recognize them by their soft brown fur and familiar pink face!

This cute monkey is made from both Durable Furry and Scheepjes Catona. The little fingers and toes may look really tricky, but with a bit of patience, it's worth it! With this crochet pattern, you make a snow monkey about 18 cm high, but the actual height may vary depending on your crochet style and hook.

Remark! You only buy the crochet pattern, not the final product or materials.


Below you can find the specifications for this product:

Material Cotton, Furry
Colors Brown, pink
Difficulty Intermediate

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