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Chain Stitch Crochet

Chain Stitch Crochet

Chain Stitch

Most pieces of crochet begin with a foundation chain of a certain number of stitches which will be detailed before the step instructions for each stitch. Chains worked at the beginning of a row, or as part of a stitch pattern, are worked in the same way as below.

chain stitch

  1. Place your yarn over your crochet hook as shown in the picture. The wire at the top is where your sphere is.
  2. Pull the yarn through the loop with your crochet hook. (See arrow movement in 1).
  3. Pick up the yarn again and pull it through the loop that is on your hook.
  4. Repeat until you have reached the number of chain stitches shown in the pattern.

The first loop, in crochet terms the cast-on loop, does not count towards the number of chain stitches. Tip: Count your number of stitches before continuing. It is now still easy to remove or add one.
There is always one loop left on the crochet hook.
If you want to count the chains, you recognize 1 chain by the v-shape. You count the number of v's.

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