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Creating toes, directly attached to feet

Creating toes, directly attached to feet

Fold the crocheted foot/leg closed and crochet through both sides.

We do this by crocheting x(number of pattern) loos in the 1st solid.

Crochet back by crocheting in the 2nd loose from the crochet hook 1 solid in each loose until the end of the chain of loos, crochet a reversal, again in each solid a solid and a reversal, and again back down with in each solid a solid, then again crochet a v in the stitch where you started with the chain.

Crochet 1 single crochet and in the next one repeat the above.

Crochet 3 toes, you will end up exactly at the end.

Fasten with a long thread and sew the toes together lengthwise (the pieces you have crocheted above the foot).

The number of toes depends on the pattern.


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