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Indent safety eyes amigurumi

Indent safety eyes amigurumi

To give the face some expression, you often prefer to show the safety eyes a bit.


Photo 1.

Take a thread in the same color as where the eyes are placed.

Insert the needle right next to the side of the eye (messing around because of the plastic round that is on the inside behind) and remove the needle on the other side also on the outside of the eye.

Photo 2.

Insert the needle back to the other side with a small invisible stitch.

Photo 3.

Now insert the needle a little further around the eye and let the needle come out at the other eye as well.

Photos 4 and 5.

Now lift the eye slightly with your nail before tightening the thread. You see that the loop / piece of wire that ran there disappears under the eye.

Photo 6.

Now do the same on the other side by putting the strand back under the eyelet a bit and let the strand come out again at the starting strand on the other side. Lift the eye a bit here before pulling the thread tight.

Photo 7.

You can see that the eyes are already closer to each other. We now do it on the outside of the eyes so that the mouse eyes are more on the side of the head. If you want more deeply set eyes, you can do the same on the inside of the eyes. You then get a different effect.

Tighten the thread as much as you like to perfect the head. By bringing the eyes together with your fingers and then pulling the thread, you don’t just pull the last eye.

Then make a small tight knot in the thread.

Photo 8-9.

Then put the ends of the wire away to the back or down, if you cut the wire short there, it will disappear in the head.



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