Amigurumi Pattern Rhino Lisa


Lisa the Rhino is an adorable rhino made from Velvet wool by Durable. This makes her super soft! The rhino is a beautiful, large and strong animal, but unfortunately, their numbers are rapidly decreasing due to poaching. Fortunately, they are now well looked after by rangers, poachers, and hunters who are forced to leave the rhinos alone.

With this crochet pattern, you will crochet a rhino of about 21cm high, although the actual height may vary depending on your crochet style and crochet hook. This pattern is easy to follow and a perfect pattern for beginners.

Remark! You only buy the crochet pattern, not the final product or materials.


Below you can find the specifications for this product:

Material Chenille
Colors Grey, white
Difficulty Easy

In the wild