Amigurumi Pattern Lion Loeki


Loekie the Lion is the boss of the kingdom or Mufasa. Our Loekie is the cutest predator you will encounter, but did you know that Loekie is a bit on the lazy side? Lions live in groups, where the lionesses go hunting together. Mufasa is the first to eat a bite if they have caught prey. Well-arranged for him, huh?

Our Loekie is made from Scheepjes Stonewashed wool and will reach a height of 28 cm, depending on your crochet style and hook.

Remark! You only buy the crochet pattern, not the final product or any materials. But please share your photos of your crochet project with us.


Below you can find the specifications for this product:

Material Cotton
Colors Yellow, black, white
Difficulty Intermediate

In the wild