Amigurumi Pattern Gorilla Nick

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Nick the Gorilla is our tough, but friendly gorilla. Gorillas are impressive animals that mainly occur in the rainforests of Africa. Like orangutans, gorillas are endangered species, and it is important to protect their natural habitat. Gorillas have a striking black coat and long arms that they can easily move around with.

Nick the Gorilla is about 22 centimeters tall and has a beautiful soft coat that is perfect for cuddling. Nick is crocheted with Durable Furry.

Crocheting Nick the Gorilla is a great challenge for both beginners and experienced crocheters.

Remark! You only buy the crochet pattern, not the final product or materials.


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Black, Grey




Faux Fur


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Did you know?

that gorillas can solve puzzles and use tools? They are incredibly intelligent animals and have been observed using sticks as tools to extract insects from their nests.
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